Today we did three workouts at the Potomac Crossfit gym to establish a baseline for the Paleo Challenge. Our warm-up was running around the building and active stretching.

1. Do as many as possible in a minute.

-Pull ups (scaled down to using rings which hang down instead of using the bar).
-Sit ups on abmats.
-Push ups (Scaled down to knee push ups).
-Air squats.
(A- 88 total; D- 120 total)

2. Power clean the heaviest weight you can.
(A- 65 lbs; D- 105 lbs)

3. AMRAP (as many rounds as possible) in 6 minutes

-5 x burpees.
-10 x kettlebell swings.
-15 x push presses.
(A- 81 total with 20# kb and 35# bar; D- 75 with 35# kb and 45# bar)

The Crossfit exercises are short and high intensity so you can get a lot done in 6 minutes.

After all that (plus the 3.4 mile walk home) were pretty hungry so picked up some steaks on the way home. A had a 0.8 lb filet mignon and D had a 1.45 lb porterhouse both cooked medium rare on our caphalon grill pan (awesome!). We had it with grilled shallots, and roasted broccoli (toss in olive oil, salt, crushed red pepper flakes, and 5 unwrapped garlic cloves for 20 min on a baking tray at 450 degrees F) that we cooked until crispy, a delicious meal!