So we’ve been sort of attempting to go Paleo since we got back from our honeymoon, but moving into our new place and looking for jobs has made life extraordinarily stressful! Therefore, finding Paleo recipes, eliminating sugar and dairy, and actually cooking(!) has been a much lower priority… UNTIL TODAY!

It’s not because we suddenly found motivation (I still want cake, or at least some coconut water… maybe an oreo or two…).  Nope. Our brother-in-law Alex sent us an email from their old box (what crossfitters call their workout space), Potomac Crossfit, about their Spring Paleo Challenge. Since motivation has been an issue already, we decided we may as well join a big group of people, learn as much as we can (there was an info session, cooking demo, before photos, and baseline workout today), and get our groove on!

So, here are the rules of the Paleo Challenge, as it applies to us (beginners), and as we remember it.  It’s not the super-hard-core Paleo that my sister Kerry follows (and has had phenomenal results with, btw), but it’s a start (and it lets us have butter, lunch meats, and sausages, so for now it seems a bit easier.


As much meat, fat, and non-starchy vegetables as we need to feel satisfied. They said they want our bodies to become “fat-adjusted” i.e. used to burning the fat we eat so that it will then begin to burn the fat stored in our bodies.  The goal is to choose the best quality that’s affordable and to watch out for sodium and additives, but to remember that “processed meats are better than no meats.”

Allowed Condiments: spices (fresh/ dried), vinegar, oil (though this is a fat, it seems only right to list it here too; best are olive & walnut), mustard, mayo, ketchup (though these have sugar, they’re not as concerned about us having these, since most of use are not going to drink condiments by the bottle…)


Water, fizzy water, water with lemon/ lime juice, unsweetened tea, black coffee (can add a little coconut milk), water (no booze for 5 weeks!)


Everything else.  No nuts, fruit, or paleo starches during the challenge.  No coconut water either (A has recently fallen in love with yummy VitaCoco).  All of these are Paleo, but for slimming and toning… not as helpful as the recommended foods.  Non-paleo foods (grains, milk products [except butter], sugar, etc.) are, of course, not allowed either.


As desired.  They said for new people to focus on the food, on getting good sleep, and reducing stress, and that as we ate better (and our hormones adjusted and self-regulated), we’d have more energy, which could increase motivation to exercise, if that’s needed.  Obviously, cross fit is the recommended method of exercise. 🙂