It’s our 2-month anniversary. Hooray!!

10:30am: 2 mini egg cupcakes
11:30am: coffee with coconut milk
2:30pm: coffee with coconut milk
6:30pm: attempted to eat – had a little piece of filet mignon (about 2 oz) and some salad with boiled egg, but it didn’t stay down; because of my medical history, if i get sick, i have to stick with liquids for several hours to several days, so eventually:
9:30pm: so delicious brand coconut milk “ice cream” (non-dairy, non-gluten, sweetened with agave and stevia)

8:30am: egg cupcakes
lunch: chopped broccoli and cabbage salad and salsa-pulled chicken salad
6:30pm: braised beef short ribs, 4 oz filet mignon, sauteed spinach