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Beet greens, onions, & bacon

Yummy Paleo dinner tonight!

Steak, roasted broccoli with garlic & crushed red pepper flakes, and:

Beet greens, onions, & bacon:


Dice 4 slices bacon & cook until crispy.
Sauté diced beet greens stalks (separated from greens) & diced onions with bacon & bacon grease until soft.
Add in chopped fresh beet greens a few at a time until they are wilted (they’ll reduce down like spinach).

Serve & enjoy!

Tonight’s dinner:



Starting over

We pretty much have eggs and maybe some breakfast meats (sausages/ bacon – organic when possible) every morning for breakfast and leftovers for lunch, so I’m not planning to keep up the food journal this time round (unless we discover a need) but I will mention any good recipes we come across.

Today was a cooking day, so it was good fun! Both were “Everyday Paleo” recipes (from the book).

First, I made Egg Cupcakes with sausage (fully cooked gluten-free ones from Applegate- yum!!), fresh spinach, roasted red peppers, and spices. (I had some for lunch too- they were yummy!) The process was made sooooooo much easier since I now have Mom’s old vitamix! Thanks Mom!! 🙂

Then I made meatballs with ground beef, purĂ©ed yellow squash, zucchini (don’t tell D- he doesn’t like them! ;-)), and a TON of fresh parsley (to cover up the taste of the veggies), and some cumin/ black pepper. I baked them at 450 degrees for 20 minutes then put them into the Albondigas Soup (Everyday Paleo) recipe – chicken stock, water, salsa, cumin, oregano, diced tomatoes, shredded cabbage & shredded carrots. Yum! (**To clarify: Albondigas = meatballs, but the EP recipe has you cook them by boiling them in the soup. Since mine were a bit sloppy from the pureed veggies & I knew I had the time, I baked them before adding them to the soup.)


Well, we’ve been off the wagon. (As in… can’t even FIND the wagon.)

Tomorrow is a new day though, and we have a new plan. We plan to eat strictly Paleo (but less restrictive than the challenge) 6 days a week, with Saturday as an off day. A lot of people recommend going 80% Paleo and 20% “other” food. 1 day off per week makes us 85.7% Paleo & 14.3% “other”.

We’ve noticed how a lot of the non-Paleo foods make us miserable (gluten= bloating, ice cream & fast food= depression, etc.), but it’s still hard to make the full switch. So wish us luck! 🙂