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Sugar withdrawal

I am feeling so annoyed and snarky today. It’s been over a week, so I feel like the sugar cravings should be better by now. There’s nothing I should be angry about, but I keep fluctuating between angry, annoyed, and relatively calm. I’m still aggravated when I’m calm, but as long as I’m distracted, it’s not so bad. I don’t know if it’s because I had a square of chocolate yesterday (I figured a tiny amount should have been okay – if we’re looking at grams of sugar/carbs, it should have been ok).

I know I could meditate, do some energy healing, take a nice walk or a bubblebath… but since switching to Paleo, I just feel pissed off all the time. I don’t want to meditate. I did a few times, but the annoyance doesn’t seem to go away. When the hell is this going to end?

(Rhetorical question. I’m not really in the frame of mind to hear comments on this issue.)

I just want to quit and binge on sugar. This sucks.

Follow-up, May 18th

Feeling much better today. My beloved & I took Iris for a long walk last night, had a long talk that helped me move through and past the difficult emotions I was feeling. We also did something a bit uncharacteristic for us, which was to keep the TV off and instead of zoning out, we played “The Transformation Game.”


It’s a really useful tool for examining & transforming things you’re struggling with in a fun, safe, and structured setting. I highly recommend it!


Day 4: Whining

This sucks. I’m ready for sugar. I want the unopened bag of oreos that I refused to throw away. I want to walk to 7-11 and buy a tub of ice cream. I want to eat chocolate or just have coffee with cream and sugar.

I want cookies. 😩