I was told once by a neuro-psychologist (at least I think that’s what her title is) that what we eat and when we eat affects our neurochemicals (dopamine, serotonin, etc.). Our brain chemistry has been shown to affect everything about our lives: our sleep, our moods, our weight, etc.. This is what she told me was the ideal way to eat in order to balance our our brain chemistry, weight, and moods.

The times can be adjusted to fit one’s lifestyle, but here’s the basic idea:

8am: Breakfast = Protein shake or Protein-based breakfast
11am: Fruit
1pm: Lunch = Protein + Veggies
4pm: Fruit
5pm: Dinner = Protein + Veggies
8pm: Fruit
(This assumes a bedtime around 10-11pm.)

If staying up late:
11pm: Snack -> Protein + Veggies or Protein shake
1am: Bed Time
(Stop eating 2 hours before bed. The above two entries are extras if having a later night.)

The fruit serves a specific purpose in opening up the neurochemical receptors that aid in the production/ secretion/ uptake of the regulating hormones and chemicals. It is supposed to make us hungry, which is why we eat the fruit an hour before meals. Combining fruit and protein changes the way our body produces/ uses/ releases specific hormones. Very scientific, I know. I have the scientific papers she gave me …somewhere… but I found the page where she wrote up the schedule, so I thought I’d post it here where I could come back to it later…. 🙂